William Rawn Associates is committed to buildings participating in the
civic or public realm—buildings in the city or buildings in important public
landscape settings. We believe that successful architecture, through the
active engagement of its civic context, fosters the values of diversity,
meritocracy, and participation that are fundamental to the American
democratic experience.



At William Rawn Associates, Architects it is our professional
responsibility to create safe and healthy environments; it is our moral
duty to contribute to the national movement to design inclusive,
welcoming, and accessible spaces where all people can share
common ground. We charge ourselves and our peers, to actively fight
against racism, discrimination, hate, and bias in our workplace and
in our communities. We commit to move beyond words into tangible

                                       WE COMMIT TO:

Our Work – WRA commits to incorporate language in our General
Conditions of Engagement so that every client and peer who engages
our firm, understands our firm’s commitment to addressing racism,
sexism, and inequality by designing spaces that value the
open exchanges of ideas and beliefs.

Philanthropy – WRA commits, as an office, to donating annually to a
cause that helps fight inequality and bias in our community.

Education – WRA commits to facilitate educational workshops for
our entire staff focused on increasing racial literacy and fighting

Action – WRA commits to providing our employees with opportunities
to volunteer within our communities in ways that provide positive
solutions to systemic inequality including a paid day of service.

Inclusion - WRA commits to building a diverse and inclusive firm
that reflects the civic clients we serve through recruiting, retention,
mentoring, and leadership by providing equitable opportunities for
all our employees.