Dartmouth College, Housing
Hanover, NH

In conjunction with our planning work with the Real Estate Office and a variety of housing was developed in association with the campus plan.

• North Park Graduate Housing: The community is located on a quiet corner of the Dartmouth campus providing an ideal setting for this 11-building, 33-apartment, 111-bedroom neighborhood.

• 5,7,9 South Street Housing: Housing for graduate students and staff is provided in two and three bedroom duplex apartment units above a single story of retail and restaurant uses. An underground garage with 118 spaces as well as surface parking support the residential and retail operations of three new buildings.

• Balch Street Apartments: The Balch Street rental apartments are integrated into a neighborhood immediately adjacent to the Dartmouth College Campus. This important gateway site to the town and campus provides a variety of faculty, staff, and graduate apartments in flat and townhouse configurations. (28 units)

• Grasse Road Affordable Housing: 3 Prototype Houses: WRA built prototypes were built for 1350, 1500, and 1800 SF faculty houses for graduate students who attracted to campus but cannot afford to live in the local community with its good schools and amenities.

Awards for Grasse Road Housing:
1994 BSA Design Citation Award
1993 AIA New England Design Excellence Honor Award
1992 BSA Housing Design Excellence Award