US Courthouse,
Cedar Rapids, IA

Sited on the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids, IA, this United States District Courthouse brings together for the first time the District, Magistrate, and Bankruptcy Courts, as well as Appellate Court chambers, Probation Services, Congressional offices and the offices of the U.S. Attorney. Like older courthouses, all courtrooms have windows that fill the courtrooms with diffuse daylight. The Courthouse opened to the public on November 6, 2012. The Associate Architect is OPN Architects (300,000 g.s.f.)

2016 AIA (National)/AAJ Justice Facilities Review Program Citation Award
2016 GSA Architecture Design Citation Award
2014 AIA New England Design Excellence Honor Award
2014 BSA Design Excellence Honor Award
2012 Iowa Ready Mixed Concrete Association Excellence in Concrete Award for Public Works/Structures
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