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Brookline High School Expansion Project
Town of Brookline
Brookline, MA

The Brookline High School project will create a unified civic campus around historic Cypress Field. The result of a highly inclusive design process with elected officials and boards, neighbors and residents, educators, and students, the project will increase the capacity of high school by 700 students and add new spaces available to the community after hours. The project aims to fit into a cherished campus setting, with new welcoming front porches and a unified architectural language, while transforming the Tappan streetscape to facilitate a safer and more welcoming student experience when travelling between buildings. Flexible use classrooms and breakout spaces enable faculty to engage students deeply by increasing flexibility in instruction, exploring connections between subjects and fostering faculty collaboration. Designed to meet the needs of the community, the building includes a new 150 seat theater and 300 seat dining hall/event space that can be used for after hours programs and the Town’s Adult Education Program. A new cafe in the STEM wing offers a small community gathering space.